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सोमवार, 2 मार्च 2020

माहिती असलेल्या-नसलेल्या असंख्य शब्दांविषयी बरेच काही...

काय सांगताय काय!
एखाद्या प्रेमीयुगुलाबाबत बोलताना ‘तो तिच्यामध्ये फारच involve झाला होता’ असे काहीसे वाक्य आपण सर्वांनीच 
ऐकले असेल. मग तेच इंग्रजीमधून सांगायचे झाले, तर ‘He was emotionally very involved in her’ असे म्हटले जाते. अर्थातच मराठीत ‘तिच्यामध्ये’ वापरल्याने इंग्रजीमध्ये ‘in her’ म्हणणे कोणालाच खटकत नाही. 
परंतु इंग्रजीमध्ये ‘in’ नाही, तर ‘with’ या ‘preposition’ चा उपयोग केला जातो. ‘To get involved with someone’ म्हणजे ‘To become emotionally, romantically or sexually associated with someone.’ या उलट, ‘To get involved in something’ म्हणजे ‘To become embroiled in some event, situation or predicament.’ 
उदा.: Aditya and Reshma had got very involved with each other. 
उदा.: It is a bad habit to get involved in other people’s personal affairs. 

आहेत असेही काही शब्द! 

शब्द : Pusillanimity (noun) 
उच्चार : पुसिलॅनिमिटी. 
व्युत्पत्ती : From Middle French pusillanimité, from Church Latin pusillanimitatem `faintheartedness, from Latin pusillanimis `fainthearted, having little courage.
अर्थ :  Showing a lack of courage or determination, घाबरट, धैर्य न दाखवणारा. 
वापर : People were shocked by the pusillanimity of the government’s response rather than the audacity of the PMC scam. 

शब्द : Heist (noun) 
उच्चार : हाईस्ट. 
व्युत्पत्ती : From American English slang, probably a dialectal alteration of hoist ‘to lift’ in its slang sense of ‘shoplift,’ and/or its older British slang sense ‘to lift another on one's shoulders to help him break in.’ 
अर्थ : A robbery, चोरी. 
वापर : The million-dollar jewelry heist immediately got the FBI involved.

परदेशी पाहुणे 
The English language has borrowed the word ‘alto’ from Italian. It means, ‘the highest male singing voice, पुरुषांची गाण्याची सर्वांत वरची पट्टी. 
वापर : He had an alto voice that people loved. 

वा! वा! वाक्‌प्रचार 
Put that in your pipe and smoke it (Used informal) म्हणजे Used to suggest that a person will have to accept a situation even if it is unpleasant, एखादी परिस्थिती अप्रिय असली तरी त्याला सामोरे जावे लागेल असे सुचवणे. 
वापर : As much as you do not want a promotion because you will be transferred to another city, you just have to put that in your pipe and smoke it. 
In clear म्हणजे Not in code, स्पष्टपणे. 
वापर : It was the Generals habit to send orders in clear.

गल्लत करू नका 
Pear (noun) म्हणजे A sweet yellowish or brownish-green edible fruit, पेयर. 
Peer (verb) (अनेक अर्थांपैकी एक अर्थ) म्हणजे To look with difficulty or  
concentration at something or somneone, एखाद्या गोष्टीकडे किंवा व्यक्तीकडे निरखून पाहणे. 
Pear : John ate a pear every morning. 
Peer : Grandmom peered at me before she called out my name.

ही कुठली भाषा? 
आपण जो ‘Loudhailer’ हा शब्द वापरतो, तो ब्रिटनमध्ये बोलल्या जाणाऱ्या इंग्रजीमधला आहे. त्याला अमेरिकेमध्ये बोलल्या जाणाऱ्या इंग्रजीमध्ये ‘Bullhorn’ असे म्हणतात. A loudhailer is an electronic device used to amplify the sound of a person’s voice.

जमली आमची जोडी 
Cash आणि crunch या नामांचा एकत्र वापर केला 
उदा.: The cash crunch had a very sobering effect on the otherwise pompous couple. 
अर्थ : Cash crunch म्हणजे not have enough money, पैशाची उणीव असणे. 

Fit या क्रियापदाचा आणि bill या नामाचा एकत्र वापर केला जातो. 
उदा.: Given her outgoing nature, she fit the bill as far as what the job demanded. 
अर्थ : Fit bill म्हणजे be suitable for a particular purpose.

आजच्या ठळक बातम्या 
बातमी : Regional road bump slows BJP juggernaut. 
बातमीचा अर्थ : Maharashtra and Haryana results halt BJP’s election winning spree. 
स्पष्टीकरण : Although ‘juggernaut’ actually means ‘a huge, powerful and overwhelming force’, the headline uses it in the sense of a momentum or a spree of winning elections by huge margins and how the ‘road bump’, that is the unimpressive wins in Maharashtra and Haryana have slowed this pace and dented the party’s otherwise overwhelming power. 

शब्द एक, अर्थ दोन 
Stud (noun): (अनेक अर्थांपैकी एक अर्थ)  An item of jewellery, दागिना. 
उदा.: You will find that Rajasthani men wear studs too. 

Stud (noun) : (अनेक अर्थांपैकी एक अर्थ) म्हणजे An establishment where horses or other domestic animals are kept for breeding. 
उदा.: The stud farm was home to dozens of horses. 

Rate (noun): (अनेक अर्थांपैकी एक अर्थ) म्हणजे A fixed price paid or charged for something, ठरलेला दर. 
उदा.: The per hour rate of the artist was so high that we decided not to use his services. 

Rate (verb) : (अनेक अर्थांपैकी एक अर्थ) म्हणजे To scold someone angrily, चिडून ओरडणे. 
उदा.: The old lady rated the youngster for nearly bumping into her.

संबंधित बातम्या