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बुधवार, 2 सप्टेंबर 2020


व्यायाम करणे 

काय सांगताय काय! 
Car decor ही आपल्याकडील अगदी सामान्यतः समजली जाणारी संकल्पना. जागोजागी तुम्ही वेगवेगळ्या नावांची Car decor ची दुकाने पाहिली असतील. पण Car decor असा उपयोगच मुळी चुकीचा आहे. ‘Decor’ चा अर्थ आहे The furnishing and decoration of a room किंवा The decoration and scenery of a stage. त्याचा गाड्यांशी काहीही संबंध नाही. तो आपण भारतीयांनी केलेला Decor या शब्दाचा दुरुपयोग आहे. 

गाडीचा आतील भाग सजवण्याचे काम करणाऱ्या कंपनीला Car Interior किंवा Car Interiors किंवा Car Interior styling असे म्हणतात. 

आहेत असेही काही शब्द! 
शब्द - Gibberish (noun) 
उच्चार - जिबारीश. 
व्युत्पत्ती - Probably influenced by jabber ‘storm’ and ‘trooper.’ 
अर्थ - Unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing,     nonsense, निरर्थक. 
वापर - The students were bored listening to the gibberish, the professor was speaking. 

शब्द - Brouhaha (noun) 
उच्चार - ब्रूहाहा. 
व्युत्पत्ती - From French brouhaha, said by Gamillscheg to have been, in medieval theater, "the cry of the devil disguised as clergy." If it has an etymology, it is perhaps 
from Hebrew barukh habba''"blessed be the one who comes, "used on public occasions. 
अर्थ - A noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something, एखाद्या गोष्टीला दिलेला गोंगाटमय प्रतिक्रिया. 
वापर - The teacher entered the noisy classroom, wondering what the brouhaha was all about. 

परदेशी पाहुणे 
The English language has borrowed the word ‘Banana’ from West African. It means, केळं. 
वापर - Tennis players are seen eating bananas between games and sets. 

वा! वा! वाक्प्रचार 
Be left at the post म्हणजे To be beaten from the start of the race or competition, लग्न-शर्यतीच्या सुरुवातीपासूनच हरल्यासारखी परिस्थिती असणे. 
वापर - Bolt was such a prolific sprinter that his competitors were always left at the post. 

To be on the safe side म्हणजे In order to have a margin of security against risks, जोखीम असल्याकारणाने काळजी घेणे. 
वापर - Not sure if there would be a lot of traffic, we left an hour earlier to be on the safe side. 

गल्लत करू नका 
Chick (Noun) म्हणजे A young bird, especially one newly hatched, कोंबडीचे पिल्लू. 
Chic (Adjective) (अनेक अर्थांपैकी एक अर्थ) म्हणजे Elegentaly and stylishly fashionable, शैलीदार. 
Chick : The chick looked fluffy and cute. 
Chic : She was a chic woman, admired by one and all for her sense of style. 

ही कुठली भाषा? 
आपण जो Luggage Van हा शब्द वापरतो तो ब्रिटनमध्ये बोलल्या जाणाऱ्या इंग्रजीमधला आहे. त्याला अमेरिकेमध्ये बोलल्या जाणाऱ्या इंग्रजीमध्ये Baggage Car असे म्हणतात. A luggage van is a railway vehicle forming part of a passenger that is used for their luggage, pets, bicycles, etc. 

जमली आमची जोडी
Do या क्रियापदाचा आणि exercise या नामाचा एकत्र वापर केला जातो. 
उदा. The mother complained that her son hardly ever did any exercise. 
अर्थ - Do exercise म्हणजे व्यायाम करणे. 

Afford या क्रियापदाचा आणि luxury या नामाचा एकत्र वापर केला जातो. 
उदा. With their limited income, they could not afford such luxuries as a fancy car or frequent holidays. 
अर्थ - Afford luxury म्हणजे To have something that is pleasant and convenient, आरामदायी गोष्टींचा लाभ घेऊ शकणे. 

आजच्या ठळक बातम्या 
बातमी - All eyes on the FM. 
बातमीचा अर्थ - People are curious as to what the Union Budget will have for them. 
स्पष्टीकरण - The headline uses the phrase ‘all eyes are on’ that means that ‘a particular person or thing is currently the focus of public interest’ to suggest that people are looking at the Finance Minister with hope. At a time when the markets are down and so is growth and development, the common man is expecting the Finance Minister to announce something that brings them cheer. The headline also uses FM to suggest the Finance Minister. 

शब्द एक, अर्थ दोन 
Trim (Verb) - (अनेक अर्थांपैकी एक अर्थ) To reduce the size, amount, number or cost of, आकार, संख्या अथवा आकडा कमी करणे. 
उदा. The government had to trim some of their defence programs to reduce deficit. 

Trim (Noun) - (अनेक अर्थांपैकी एक अर्थ) Additional decoration, typically along the edges of something and in contrasting material or colour, नक्षीदार कड. 
उदा. He was wearing a black blazer with gold trims. 

Beak (Noun) - (अनेक अर्थांपैकी एक अर्थ) म्हणजे A bird’s horny projecting jaws, चोच. 
उदा. The black bird with an orange beak looked stunning. 

Beak (Noun) (अनेक अर्थांपैकी एक अर्थ) म्हणजे A person’s nose, नाक. 
उदा. People hated him for his habit of sticking his beak in everyone’s matter.

संबंधित बातम्या